We offer two different types of waiting lists

     Oki-Pei puppies go fast and normally before they are even advertised, usually the day they are born or within a week. So, we decided to make a two option waiting list to be fair to everyone.

      We are so thankful to have our wonderful Pei and we have been very fortunate to have such healthy lines and we feel fortunate to share our lines with other families and breeders.We love our babies, they are our family, So, we are very strict in the fact that they ONLY go to indoor homes as a family member. We have no issue in them being added to select breeding programs with other breeders that strive for healthy beautiful dogs with great temperaments. It does have to be in your home as a family member first and foremost and not in a kennel building. We want our babies to get plenty of love and attention.  If you can provide a great indoor home then feel free to send in a waiting list form that fits your needs.

     No Deposit Waiting List-     There's no obligation to get a puppy.   You will be notified when a puppy becomes available that fits your needs or wants before it is offered to the general public. However, with this option, you will be notified at the same time as everyone else on the waiting list that is looking for a puppy that meets their criteria and a puppy cannot be held until a deposit is placed.  

     Waiting List With Non-Refundable Deposit-     You will get to choose a puppy before anyone that has not placed a deposit or that has placed a deposit after you. Below is a list of people who have placed a non-refundable deposit in the order that they placed the deposit, so you can see where you are on the list. If a puppy comes available you are not obligated to go with that puppy, you will stay on the list until you have picked the puppy that is perfect for you. While deposits are non-refundable we will transfer your deposit to the next available litter until you find the perfect puppy.

     To Be Added To Our Waiting List-      Just select the button below. You can print and fill the form out, save the form to your computer and fill it out or just copy and paste it. Send it back to OkiSharPei@gmail.com and we will contact you shortly. Or if you just have questions feel free to contact us. 


Oki-Pei - Reserves the right to NOT offer a puppy for sale if we are interested in watching it for a possible candidate for our breeding program.  It will be rare that we do this and if we do it will never have been offered to anyone in the first place. 

B. Bailey - Toy Male
S. Pham - Bear Coat Male
S. Thompson - Toy Male or Female
S. Thompson - Toy Female
S. Conrad - Bear Coat Female
R. Digruccio - Toy or Mini Blue Female
J. Hopkins - Lilac, Blue or Black Bear Coat Male
T. Wydra - Toy Female (Diva)
D. Crowell - Platinum or Light Female
L. Mathes - Female
  S. Ryan - Pick Male (Vegas)
T. Shirlock - Red or Red Sable or Black Female
M. Burns - Blue, Lilac, Isabella or Black & Tan Toy Male
N. Benton - Female (Jolene)